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Day 2: Wired User Service Level Expectations, Switch Events, and Marvis Actions

The Juniper AI-driven network includes Wired Assurance Service, which provides automated operations and service levels to Juniper enterprise access switching using the Juniper Mist cloud; Health Statistics for Wired Switches, which provides visibility into EX Series switch details and allows you to find missing VLANs, identify outages, and get alerts on critical metrics; and Marvis Actions, which is a framework for self-driving networks that converts AI-driven insight into actionable tasks.

Use Marvis to list wired clients connected to the network and troubleshoot any corresponding issues that it identifies, such as speed mismatches, missing VLANs, switch health, and anomaly detection. Marvis helps identify the root cause of issues across various IT domains (WLAN, LAN, WAN, and security), and automatically resolve issues within its purview.