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Monitoring Device Profiling

You can view the devices that Aruba ClearPass Profile has discovered and maintains in its endpoint repository, obtaining information on the total number of devices profiled, the kinds of devices, and device-specific data, such as the device vendor, device hostname, and timestamp when the device was added to the repository.

  1. In Aruba ClearPass, select Monitoring > Live Monitoring > Endpoint Profiler.

    The initial Endpoint Profiler window provides an overview of the endpoints in its repository, grouping devices within the device category, device family, and device name hierarchies. The table at the bottom of the window lists the endpoints that are in the currently selected device name group.

  2. To display more information about an individual endpoint, click on the endpoint in the table.

    In the View Endpoint window, you can display the information ClearPass Profile used to profile the device by selecting the Show Fingerprint option. In the following example, ClearPass Profile used information obtained from various DHCP options in the DHCP messages to profile the device.