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Option: Configuring Layer 2 Circuits Simultaneously over RSVP and LDP LSPs

You can configure a Layer 2 circuit simultaneously over an RSVP LSP and an LDP LSP between the same two routers. To accomplish this, do the following:

  • Configure two loopback addresses—a primary and a secondary loopback.

  • Configure the RSVP LSP using the primary loopback address.

  • Configure the LDP LSP using the secondary loopback address. You can accomplish this by advertising the secondary loopback address as a forwarding equivalence class (FEC) in LDP.

  • Configure the transport tunnel endpoint (also known as a packet-switched network [PSN] tunnel endpoint in the IETF drafts) to be used for transporting the Layer 2 circuit traffic. To configure the tunnel endpoint, include the psn-tunnel-endpoint statement at the [edit protocols l2circuit] hierarchy level. By default, the tunnel endpoint is the same as the address of the Layer 2 circuit neighbor.

To verify that your configuration is operational, issue the show l2circuit connections command. This command has been enhanced to display tunnel endpoints.