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Configuring CCC Encapsulation on CE-Facing Ethernet Interfaces

On Ethernet-based CE-facing PE router interfaces, you must configure one of the three Ethernet CCC encapsulation types—Ethernet CCC, VLAN CCC, or Extended VLAN CCC. Use the following guidelines to configure an Ethernet-based interface CCC encapsulation:

  • ethernet-ccc—Use Ethernet CCC encapsulation on Ethernet interfaces that must accept packets carrying standard Tag Protocol ID (TPID) values.

  • extended-vlan-ccc—Use extended VLAN CCC encapsulation on Ethernet interfaces that have VLAN 802.1Q tagging and must accept packets carrying TPIDs 0x8100, 0x9100, and 0x9901.

  • vlan-ccc—Use VLAN CCC encapsulation on Ethernet interfaces with VLAN tagging enabled. VLAN CCC encapsulation supports TPID 0x8100 only. You must configure this encapsulation type on both the physical interface and the logical interface.

  • You can configure multiple logical interfaces on Ethernet interfaces configured for VLAN mode. The valid VLAN ID range for the logical interfaces depends upon your PIC type:

    • 1 to 1023—Aggregated Ethernet, 4-port, 8-port, and 12-port Fast Ethernet, and management and internal Ethernet interfaces

    • 1 to 4094—48-port Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

    • VLAN ID 0 is reserved for tagging the priority of frames on all Ethernet PICs.

  • For encapsulation type vlan-ccc, VLAN IDs from 1 through 511 are reserved for normal VLANs, and VLAN IDs from 512 through 1023 are reserved for CCC VLANs. For encapsulation type extended-vlan-ccc, all valid VLAN IDs per PIC type are valid for CCC VLANs.

To configure CCC interface encapsulation, include the encapsulation statement at the [edit interfaces ethernet-interface-fpc/pic/port] hierarchy level and select ethernet-ccc, vlan-ccc, or extended-vlan-ccc as the encapsulation type. If you select the VLAN CCC encapsulation, also include the vlan-ccc statement at the [edit interfaces ethernet-interface-fpc/pic/port unit unit-number encapsulation] logical interface hierarchy level. When using either VLAN CCC or extended VLAN CCC encapsulations, include the vlan-tagging statement at the [edit interfaces ethernet-interface-fpc/pic/port] hierarchy level.