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Layer 2 Circuits System Requirements

To implement Layer 2 circuits, your system must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Junos OS Release 9.1 or later for nonstop routing (NSR) support.

  • Junos OS Release 8.2 or later for M120 and MX Series routing platform support.

  • Junos OS Release 7.3 or later for configuring Layer 2 circuits simultaneously over RSVP and LDP LSPs

  • Junos OS Release 7.1 or later for local interface switching for Layer 2 circuits

  • Junos OS Release 7.0 or later for specifying a unique maximum transmission unit (MTU) for each Layer 2 circuit

  • Junos OS Release 6.4 or later for ATM2 IQ interface-based CoS and bandwidth reservation for trunks

  • Junos OS Release 6.2 or later for Layer  2 circuit trunk mode on T Series and M320 routers and bandwidth reservation for Layer 2 circuits

  • Junos OS Release 6.1 or later for Automatic Protection Switching (APS) for Layer 2 circuits

  • Junos OS Release 6.0 or later for Layer 2 circuit traffic engineering, and Frame Relay or ATM control word mapping

  • Junos OS Release 5.7 or later for ATM cell-relay mode or AAL5 Layer 2 circuits

  • Junos OS Release 5.6 or later for Frame Relay, HDLC, and PPP-based Layer 2 circuits

  • Junos OS Release 5.2 or later for Ethernet-based Layer 2 circuits

  • Five Juniper Networks M Series, MX Series, or T Series routers