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Configuring VLAN IDs in a VPLS Instance (MX Series Routers Only)

You can configure VLAN identifiers for a VPLS instance in the following ways:

The vlan-id and vlan-tags statements are used to perform the following functions:

  • Translate, or normalize, the VLAN tags of received packets received into a learn VLAN identifier.

  • Create multiple learning domains that each contain a VLAN identifier. A learning domain is a MAC address database to which MAC addresses are added based on the VLAN identifier.

For more information about how VLAN tags are processed and translated, see the Junos MX Series Layer 2 Configuration Guide.

To configure VLAN identifiers for a VPLS instance, include the vlan-id or vlan-tags statement at the [edit routing-instances routing-instance-name instance-type vpls] hierarchy level.


You cannot configure VLAN mapping using the input-vlan-map and output-vlan-map statements if you configure a VLAN identifier for a VPLS instance using the vlan-id or vlan-tags statements.