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Option: Aggregated Interfaces for VPLS

You can configure aggregated Ethernet interfaces between CE devices and PE routers for VPLS routing instances. Traffic is load-balanced across all of the links in the aggregated interface. If one or more links in the aggregated interface fails, the traffic is switched to the remaining links.

In the example below, 0 is the interface instance number that completes the link association. This number can be from 0 through 127, for a total of 128 aggregated interfaces. The VPLS encapsulation types supported on aggregated Ethernet interfaces are ethernet-vpls, vlan-vpls, or extended-vlan-vpls.

The aggregated Ethernet interface must also be configured for a VPLS routing instance. Use the standard VPLS routing instance configuration on aggregated Ethernet interfaces.

For more information about how to configure aggregated Ethernet interfaces, see the Junos Network Interfaces Configuration Guide.