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Authorize, Reauthorize, and Reconnect Guest Clients

Users with helpdesk-level login credentials or higher can track and manage Wi-Fi clients on the Clients > WiFi Clients | Guest tab of the Juniper Mist™ portal. Here you can find, authorize, deauthorize, and reconnect client devices on the network.

  • Reconnect—Have the AP send a deauthentication frame to the selected clients, thereby removing them from the guest client list and triggering a reconnect. This is typically used to nudge the device to roam to another AP.
  • Reauthorize—Log selected clients off the guest portal, thereby forcing them to re-authenticate with the AP and cloud. This is typically used after updating the guest-portal passphrase, to force client on to the new credentials. These clients are removed from the guest client list and must log in to the guest portal again.
  • Figure 1: Reconnect and Reauthorize Reconnect and Reauthorize

    To get here, click Clients > WiFi Clients. Select the Guest tab, then select a single client from the list that appears.

  • Edit Guest Authorization—Appears after selecting a single Guest client. You can find a given client by its MAC address, and then manually Authorize or Deauthorize the device on the Guest network. This selection also provides a way to change the client's authorization window and other details that appear in the Guest Clients page of the Mist portal.