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LLDP-MED Power Negotiation

Juniper EX Series Switches support both Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and LLDP Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) for sending required DiffServ code point (DSCP) values to connected APs. LLDP is a standards-based protocol for devices to advertise values that include identity, capabilities, and interconnections on IEEE 802 LAN networks. LLDP uses the type–length–value (TLV) format for exchange of information.

Mist supports power negotiation between the LLDP-MED endpoints. The following two power negotiation options are available:

  • LLDP Power via MDI TLV IEEE 802.3-2015—Enables advanced power management between LLDP-MED endpoints and network connectivity devices.

  • Legacy LLDP Power via MDI TLV IEEE 802.1AB-2009—This is the legacy method.

We recommend LLDP Power through MDI TLV.