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Rename a Juniper Access Point in the Mist Portal

You can rename the APs on your network for easy identification of APs. You can also use the Juniper Mist portal to automate the naming of APs by using variable fields in the name format. You can optionally include the site name, MAC address of the AP, and an incremental counter value in the name. Mist automatically updates these values when you add or rename an AP.

Note that when you initially claim an AP, Mist assigns the MAC address of the AP as its name by default.

You can rename multiple APs at once. To rename APs in the Mist portal:

  1. Navigate to the Access Points page on the Mist portal.
  2. Select the APs that you want to rename.
  3. Click Rename in the More menu in the top-right corner.
  4. Enter a name on the Rename Access Points page.

    You can use variable options to automatically name APs. If you include the counter ([ctr] ) option, multiple APs are assigned names sequentially. You can also enter the starting value for the counter. The default counter value is 1. For example, consider that you need to rename three APs and you enter the name format as primary-ap{ctr} and a counter value as 2. Mist assigns the names as: primary-ap2, primary-ap3, and primary-ap4.


    You must include the [mac] or [ctr] field in the name format when renaming multiple APs at a time.

  5. Click Rename APs.