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SUMMARY Use the information in this chapter to understand how you can troubleshoot issues on your wireless network.

What Do You Want to Do?

Table 1: Top Tasks

If you want to...

Use these resources:

Explore the various options to troubleshoot your wireless network

Troubleshoot wireless issues using SLEs, Insights, and Marvis.

Troubleshooting Wireless Issues

Use the status LED to troubleshoot your AP

Understand what the status LED indicates. Learn how to identify issues with your AP using the LED blink patterns.

What Does the AP Status LED Indicate?

Use packet captures to troubleshoot connectivity failures between the client and AP

Identify the cause of failures between the client and AP using dynamic and manual packet captures.

Dynamic and Manual Packet Captures

Replace an AP

Copy the existing configuration to the new AP through the Mist portal or Mist AI app.

Replace an Access Point