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Upgrade a WAN Edge Session Smart Router

You can upgrade Juniper® Session Smart™ Routers deployed as a WAN edge device in the Juniper Mist™ cloud portal. Upgrading your device’s operating system to a newer version can provide you with new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements.

  1. In the Juniper Mist cloud portal, select WAN Edge and select the device.
  2. Click the device and select the Upgrade Firmware option from the utilities menu.
    Figure 1: Upgrade Software Upgrade Software
  3. In the Schedule Upgrade screen, use the available options based on your requirements to download and upgrade the firmware for the Session Smart Routers.
    Figure 2: Schedule Upgrade Option Schedule Upgrade Option
  4. For Selected Channel, select Production. If you are testing new firmware builds in a non-production lab environment, you can select the Beta channel.
  5. In the Upgrade to Version list, select the required version to upgrade. The list of available versions might vary based on the selected channel.
  6. For the Schedule Download Time option, the portal displays Now by default. The download of the selected version starts when you submit the upgrade.
    If you want to schedule the download at your preferred date and time (ex: off-peak hours for the site), change the Schedule Download Time to Later. Then use the time picker to select a time for the download operation.
  7. The Upgrade device after download option indicates that you can perform the upgrade immediately after download.

    If you want to perform the upgrade at a later time:

    1. Uncheck the Upgrade device after download option.

    2. Set the Schedule Upgrade Time setting to Later.

    3. Use the time picker option to select a time for the upgrade operation.

    4. Read and accept the End User License Agreement to continue.

    5. Select the Schedule Download and Upgrade option. Mist cloud portal saves your scheduled download and upgrade operation.

  8. Select Monitor > Insights > WAN Edge to monitor the upgrade progress and get details on the events.
    Figure 3: Monitor Progress of Firmware Download and Upgrade Monitor Progress of Firmware Download and Upgrade
    Figure 4: WAN Edge Insights WAN Edge Insights

    You can see the following stages of firmware upgrade:

    • Initiation of the upgrade operation

    • Completion of firmware download

    • Device reboot to complete the upgrade process

    • Completion of firmware upgrade

High Availability Considerations: For WAN edge devices in a High Availability (HA) cluster, you can minimize the downtime by upgrading one node at a time.

Figure 5: Firmware Upgrade for WAN Edge Devices in High Availability Firmware Upgrade for WAN Edge Devices in High Availability