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Monitor Service Levels and Marvis Actions (AI Ops View)

Finding the AI Ops View

To find the AI Ops view, select Organization from the left menu of the Juniper Mist™ Managed Service Provider portal, and then click the AI Ops button at the top of the Organizations page.

Organization Menu and AI Ops Button


AI Ops view is available only with the MSP Advanced Tier. For more information about MSP tiers, see Juniper Mist Managed Service Provider (MSP) Portal Overview.

Features of the AI Ops View (Video)

Service Level Expectation Metrics (SLEs)

AI Ops view shows the overall health of each organization, as determined by SLEs.

  • Green—High SLE compliance.

  • Yellow—Low SLE compliance.

  • Red—Very low SLE compliance.

Below the Wireless, Wired, and WAN columns, the Overall Service appears. You can click the right-arrow button (>) to show the SLE details in each group.

In this example, the Wireless and Wired columns show only the Overall Service. The WAN column is expanded to show SLE details.

Location of the Expand-Collapse Arrows for the Column Groups

To view more information, click a percentage to go to the corresponding page in the customer's portal.

For more information about SLEs, see the Juniper Mist Network Monitoring Guide.

Marvis Actions

This feature is available only with the MSP advanced tier.

The AI Ops view includes the Marvis Actions column. This column shows the number of Marvis actions that need your attention.

Location of the Marvis Actions Column

  • Click the Marvis Actions column heading to change the sort order.

  • Click the number in the Marvis Actions column to see a summary, as illustrated in the example below. If you want to investigate further, click the Open Marvis Actions Page button to go to the Marvis Actions page in this customer's Juniper Mist portal.

    Marvis Actions Summary View

For more information about Marvis actions, see the Juniper Mist AI-Driven Operations Guide.

Filtering and Sorting Options in the AI Ops View

Use these options to adjust the information that appears in the table.

  • To filter by organization name, enter the name in the Filter field.

  • To sort by a column heading, click the column heading.