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Configure a Site

Use sites to configure and manage different physical locations or logical sub-divisions of your organization. For example, each site can have different RF templates and access point settings, different firmware upgrade schedules, and different settings for features such as location services, occupancy analytics, and engagement analytics.

When you create your organization on the Juniper Mist™ portal, Juniper Mist creates a site called Primary Site. You need to give the site a descriptive name and enter the location information. Then add sites to represent each physical location in your organization.


The automatically generated site, Primary Site, has no special role among the sites. You can update or remove it.

  1. From the left menu of the Juniper Mist portal, select Organization > Site Configuration.
  2. Add or update sites as needed.
    • To configure the site settings, click the site.

    • At a minimum, enter the name, time zone, and location. For more information about location settings, see Set the Site Location.


      You cannot change the site ID, which Juniper Mist automatically assigns when creating the site. This ID uniquely identifies the site in Juniper Mist cloud.

      Example - Site ID field on the Site Configuration page
    • To clone a site and copy its settings to a new site, click the site and then click Clone Site.

    • To create a site without cloning, click Create Site.

    • To delete a site, click the site, and then click Delete Site.