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Troubleshoot Mist Edges Using Marvis Queries

You might need to look at the device or event details when you troubleshoot an issue. By using Marvis queries, you can get information that can help troubleshoot issues related to your Mist Edge device in real time.

To use a query, select Marvis > Marvis Actions in the left menu of the Juniper Mist™ portal, and then click the Ask a Question button at the top-right corner of the Marvis Actions page.

You can use the LIST or COUNT query to view the following details:

  • Mist Edges based on OOBM IP Address, OOBM MAC address, model, site, or version.

  • Mist Edge events associated with a site, a specific Mist Edge, or event type.

  • APs connected to a specific Mist Edge. You can also list the APs based on the status of the L2TPv3 tunnel.

Here is an example of a simple LIST query that provides a quick view of all the events related to Mist Edges in an organization. If you need to look at any specific event in detail, you can go to the Insights page.

Here is an example of a query to troubleshoot the issue that causes the L2TPv3 tunnel between the AP and a Mist Edge to go down. Notice that you can click the vertical ellipsis button to view details, insights, or SLEs, or even troubleshoot.

You can also use the RANK query to view a ranking of:

  • Mist Edges based on the number of tunnels or events

  • Mist Edge event types based on the number of events that occurred

  • Mist Edges based on the model or Tunnel Terminator Service version

Here's an example of a RANK query. The query result displays the ranking of Mist Edges based on the number of each model deployed in an organization.

For information about the Marvis query language, see Marvis Query Language.