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Juniper Mist Teleworker Overview

The Juniper Mist™ Teleworker solution leverages the Juniper Mist Edge architecture to extend the corporate network to remote office workers. Juniper Mist extends the network using an IPsec-secured L2TPv3 tunnel from a remote access point (AP). In addition, Juniper Mist Edge provides an additional RadSec service to securely proxy authenticated requests from remote APs. This feature facilitates the same user experience for remote workers as others have inside the office.

Juniper® cloud services, driven by Mist AI provide:

  • A Service Level Expectations (SLE) framework, which provides unprecedented user experience visibility.

  • The AI-driven Marvis engine, with natural-language processing for troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

  • Marvis Actions, which IT can leverage for remote troubleshooting of user issues without spending any additional resources.

The following image illustrates the Juniper Mist Teleworker solution:

The components of the Juniper Mist Teleworker solution are:

  • Juniper Mist access point (AP)

  • Juniper Mist Edge appliance

  • Juniper Mist Wireless Assurance subscription (1x per AP). SUB-1S-Y, where X is one, three, or five years of service.

  • Juniper Mist Edge subscription (1x per AP). SUB-ME-1S-Y, where X is one, three, or five years of service.

  • Juniper Mist Marvis subscription (1x per AP). SUB-ME-1S-Y, where X is one, three, or five years of service.

Benefits of the Mist Teleworker Solution

The Juniper Mist Teleworker solution offers the following benefits:

  • Agility

    • Zero-touch provisioning—Remove prior-staging requirement for APs.

    • Network management with minimal effort—Leverage Marvis® Virtual Network Assistant and manage network performance with analytics about Juniper Mist service-level expectation (SLE) metrics.

    • Firmware independence—Remove firmware dependency between an AP and Juniper Mist Edge. You can independently update the Juniper Mist Edge services in less than 3 seconds.

  • Security

    • Traffic isolation—The level of traffic control is similar to the level in the original wireless LAN controller architecture. Enable transparent movement of user traffic to a single central location, isolating it from your access switches.

    • Automated security—Enable machine-driven site deployment without any credential exposure.

    • Secure WebSocket to talk to the cloud.

    • Endpoint Protection—Secure wireless and wired endpoints through PoE-out.

  • Flexibility

    • Reuse hardware.

    • Support flexible all-home coverage with secure mesh capabilities.

    • Enable employees to self-manage their home SSID.