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Claim and Ship an AP to an Employee Location

You can use the Juniper Mist™ AI app to claim an AP before shipping it to an employee's remote home office location. See Device Management with the Juniper Mist AI Mobile App.

In the Mist AI app, select the site and Claim an AP to that site using the QR code on the back of the AP. Then, still from the app, ship the AP to the employee’s location. No need to connect it to the network before shipping!

For Remote Teleworker solution, ensure that the firewall is configured to allow the connection from remote AP. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Allow port 500/4500 for IPSec and port 2083 for RadSec from remote APs

  • Firewall must translate the destination IP of the packets from remote AP to the tunnel IP

  • Obtain the external IP for the Mist Edge tunnel IP where a remote AP connects (usually a firewall IP), Append that IP to the hostname/IPs under tunnel termination services.

No additional configuration is required on Mist Edge or AP, other than selecting the tunnel type as IPSec and Radius to proxy through Mist Edge

Upon receiving the AP, the employee can now connect it to any of the Ethernet ports on the local home router (using a PoE injector or DC power). The AP is ready to serve the new, remote office in less than 20 seconds.