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Marvis Virtual Network Assistant Overview

SUMMARY Get familiar with the many features that are available with Marvis Virtual Network Assistant.

Marvis® Virtual Network Assistant is a virtual network assistant that streamlines network operations, simplifies troubleshooting, and provides an enhanced user experience. With real-time network visibility, Marvis provides a comprehensive view of your network from an organizational level to a client level with detailed insights.

Watch this video to learn how Marvis came to be, and what Marvis offers to you.

As Mist AI monitors your network, it constantly learns from the telemetry data it collects. Marvis uses this data to deliver better insights and automation that are customized for your network.

Mist AI collects data from wireless LAN (WLAN), LAN, and WAN domains in your network. In addition to Juniper devices, Marvis also provides visibility into third-party switches connected to Juniper access points (APs) through Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP). Marvis can provide health statistics for third-party switches. Examples include Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliance status, misconfigured VLANs, and switch uptime.

Marvis proactively identifies issues, interprets the scope and magnitude of the impact, identifies the root causes, and recommends fixes.

Here are the main components of Marvis:

  • Marvis Actions—Marvis Actions is a one-stop information center that provides visibility into ongoing site-wide network issues that affect user experience in an organization. Marvis recommends fixes and provides insight into root causes. By default, the landing page of Marvis shows the Actions dashboard for an organization. All super users can view the Marvis Actions dashboard. Other admin roles can view the dashboard if they have organization-level access.

  • Marvis Minis—Marvis Minis is a network digital twin that validates the network and application services for your network. By simulating user connections, Marvis Minis quickly detects and resolves issues before they impact users. Marvis Minis is always on and can detect issues even when clients are not connected to the network. In addition to detecting issues, it also ascertains the overall impact of the issue—that is, whether the issue impacts an entire site, a specific switch, WLAN, VLAN, server, or AP.

  • Conversational Assistant—Marvis’s AI-based conversation interface enables you to ask questions and get actionable insights into your network in no time. Marvis uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to contextualize requests, which accelerates the troubleshooting workflow. The conversational assistant provides real-time answers for your queries related to troubleshooting and documentation.

  • Marvis Client—A software agent installed on client devices such as a mobile phone or laptop to collect the client’s parameters that help represent its network view. The Marvis Android client, along with the Zebra wireless insights, provides enhanced telemetry and visibility into the Zebra client experience.

  • Marvis Query Language—A structured format for asking Marvis a question to get data to monitor or troubleshoot your users’ experiences and evaluate the overall health of your network.

With additional updates in 2023, Marvis provides even more functionality, including integrations with ChatGPT, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Watch this video to learn more.