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Marvis Android Client Overview

SUMMARY Get familiar with the benefits of the Marvis Android Client.

You can use the Marvis Android client to view your network from the client's perspective. View detailed data and telemetry about how the client experiences the wireless connection, including insight into client roaming behaviors. The Marvis client recognizes connection types (cellular or wireless) and the corresponding signal strength.


To use the Marvis client, you must install it on a compatible device and connect your device to a Juniper Mist AP. You also must have a Marvis subscription. For more information, see Subscriptions for Marvis.

The Marvis client provides an additional layer of detail by displaying device type, manufacturer, and operating system, as follows:

  • Detailed wireless properties: Mist’s device fingerprinting provides the manufacturer, device type, and OS of the device. The Marvis client enhances this visibility by providing the OS version along with the radio hardware (adapter) and firmware (driver) versions. This level of visibility helps you identify:

    • Exceptions in terms of a device with different properties (such as the OS, radio hardware, and firmware) when compared to other devices of the same type.

    • Device-generic issues (for example, issues due to a firmware version).

  • Coverage issues due to asymmetry: A Mist access point (AP) indicates the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) at which it detects a client. The Marvis client provides the RSSI at which the client detects the AP. This data helps you identify asymmetries in the power level between the client and AP. You can then resolve asymmetries that could result in a poor connection.

  • Connection type: You can see when the device switches between a wireless and a cellular connection type, along with the corresponding signal strength.

  • Roaming behavior: Roaming decisions and how a client decides to connect to an AP on a specific band is a client decision. The Marvis client provides visibility into how the client detects the neighboring APs.

You can view all connected Marvis clients directly on the Mist portal on the WiFi Clients page (Clients > WiFi Clients > Marvis tab). You can view a graphical representation of your Marvis clients and their detailed information including manufacturer, device type, OS version, and radio hardware and firmware. You can see the current and historical snapshots of the connected clients in a specific site.

You can select either the Tree or List view to display your Marvis clients, as follows:

  • Tree view: Groups clients based on their properties. Marvis classifies the clients by manufacturer, device type, OS version, radio hardware, and radio firmware. The tree view displays the total number of Marvis clients for the specified site and time range. It also highlights possible outliers that do not conform to the properties seen for other clients with the same manufacturer or device type.

  • List view: Presents client information in a tabular format. The default columns include user, hostname, MAC address, manufacturer, device type, device OS, radio hardware, radio firmware, and client-reported RSSI value. The list view displays up to 50 clients on a single page. You can navigate between pages by using the arrow buttons located on the top-right corner of the list.

    You can filter the list view by entering keywords in the search filter located at the top-left corner of the list. You can also filter the list view by clicking any client property in the tree view. When you click a property, the selected property and the path from the root property to the selected property are highlighted. You can then see the applied filters above the list view.

We support the Marvis client on Android handheld devices and smartphones running OS 6.0 and higher versions.