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Insights: Pre-Connection and Post-Connection

SUMMARY See pre- and post-connection data to gain insight into network issues.

You can use the Insights dashboard to view pre-connection and post-connection data.


To find the Insights dashboard, select Monitor > Service Levels from the left menu of the Juniper Mist portal, and then click the Insights button.

The Pre- and Post-connection blocks both appear on the Insights dashboard when a site or client is selected from the context menu at the top of the Monitor page. The Post-connection block also appears when an access point is selected.

Monitor Page Context Options

As shown in this example, this section of the Insights dashboard presents several graphs.

Pre- and Post-Connection Blocks on the Insights Page

These blocks include:

  • Pre-Connection—This block includes graphs for DNS latency and DHCP latency. These latency numbers reflect how quickly a wireless client connects to the wireless network.

  • Post-Connection—The first graph shows the associated clients. The other graph shows the number of bytes transmitted and received. Together these two graphs give you a picture of network attachment and performance.

To see more detail, click the pop-out button () in the graph title.