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WAN Application Health SLE

SUMMARY Use the WAN Application Health SLE to assess service levels for your applications.

WAN Application Health is one of the Service-Level Expectations (SLEs) that you can track on the WAN SLEs dashboard in the Juniper Mist™ portal.

WAN Application Health SLE Example

To find the WAN SLEs dashboard, select Monitor > Service Levels from the left menu of the Juniper Mist™ portal, and then select the WAN button.

What Does the WAN Application Health SLE Measure?

Juniper Mist monitors the latency of WAN applications to identify applications that are performing sub-optimally. This SLE can help you to understand the end users’ experiences when accessing applications. For example, a weak network connection might give good user experiences for FTP or SMTP-based applications, but bad user experiences for VoIP applications. The Application Health SLE will help you identify which applications are giving you trouble.

You can click the Settings button to select the applications to include.

Adding and Removing Applications
  • To remove applications from this SLE—Select the check box for each application, and then click Remove.

  • To add applications to this SLE—Click Add Application, then select the check box for the application, and then click Add. Or click Create Custom to add another application.


When the Application threshold is not met, Juniper Mist sorts the issues into classifiers. The classifiers appear on the right side of the SLE block. In this example, 100 percent of the issues are attributed to Jitter. (See the classifier descriptions below the example.)

WAN Application Health SLE Example
  • Jitter—Inconsistent packet transmit times can impact users' experiences with applications, especially real-time applications such as VoIP and video.

  • Latency—Slow response time (lag) can impact users' experiences by, for example, causing web pages to load slowly or interrupting video and audio streams.