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Persistent Failures

SUMMARY Use the Actions dashboard to resolve issues with persistently failing clients.

When you click the Other Actions link on the Action dashboard, all available actions appear. Currently there is only one type of action for this category: Persistently Failing Clients.

Other Actions Link on the Actions Dashboard

Your subscriptions determine the actions that you can see on the Actions dashboard. For more information, see Subscription Requirements for Marvis Actions.

Persistently Failing Clients

Marvis identifies wired or wireless clients that continuously fail to connect due to a client-specific issue; that is, the scope of failure isn’t the access point (AP), switch, wireless LAN (WLAN), or server. The failure can be due to authentication failures from entering the wrong preshared key (PSK) or failures caused by incorrect 802.1x configuration. Marvis displays the list of clients experiencing a failure and the WLANs they are trying to connect to.

Persistently Failing Clients

After you fix this issue, the Persistently Failing Clients action automatically resolves within an hour. As this action is considered low priority, Marvis does not list the Persistently Failing Clients action in the Latest Updates section or on the Sites tab.