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Marvis Actions Overview

Marvis® leverages the Mist AI to identify the root cause of issues. Marvis can automatically fix issues (self-driving mode) or recommend actions that require user intervention (driver-assist mode). The Marvis Actions page lists the high-impact network issues that Marvis detects. Marvis Actions also displays the recommended actions for your organization's network. Marvis Actions provides insight into issues across the wired, WAN, and wireless networks, at the managed service provider (MSP) level, organization level, and site level. With Marvis Actions, you can track firmware compliance on APs, identify bad cables, locate L2 loops, detect WAN link outages, and more—all from a single page.

With real-time AI-driven insight into your network, Marvis Actions enables proactive issue detection and resolution, resulting in a significant reduction in troubleshooting effort and time.

Marvis Actions

Marvis Actions is a one-stop information center that provides visibility into ongoing site-wide network issues that affect user experience in an organization. By default, the landing page of Marvis shows the Actions dashboard for an organization. Super users can view Marvis Actions. Users with other roles can view Marvis Actions if they are not assigned to any site. You can review the information to prioritize the issues that need immediate attention.

Here’s what the Marvis Actions page looks like. You'll notice that the page displays the information under different categories. Marvis indicates the number of issues detected for a category. For example, in the following screenshot, you'll notice that Marvis lists 15 issues for the Connectivity category.

Marvis Actions

You can also view the issues for a site by selecting the Sites tab. The Sites tab displays a Google Maps view of all sites and issues detected.

Marvis Actions

The following sections provide details about the Marvis Actions page.

Detailed View of Issues and Marvis Recommended Actions

Each category has a group of actions under it. Each action can have one or multiple issues associated with it. If Marvis does not detect any anomalies associated with an action, the action appears dimmed.

You can click a category to view the actions under that category. If you click an action, you'll see a detailed view, which includes the issue and recommended action. Marvis provides a recommended action for all issues.

Here’s the Marvis Actions view after drilling down into the Missing VLAN action under the Switch category. Notice that Marvis provides the details of the site, switch, and the issue (two APs with missing VLANs). You’ll also see that the recommended solution from Marvis is to add the VLAN configuration to the switch configuration.

Detailed View of Issues and Marvis Recommended Actions

You can use the View More link in the Details column to view specific details about the ports on which the VLANs are missing. Here's an example of the page showing the port details.

Detailed View of Issues and Marvis Recommended Actions

Downloadable List of Issues

You can download the list of issues to a .CSV file format. The CSV file contains all the details visible on the Actions page, including the reason for failure and the device details. You can find the download (down arrow) icon on the upper-right corner of the Details section.

Issue Resolution

After you resolve an issue, you can change the status of an issue or multiple issues. Use the STATUS button at the bottom of the page if you want to change the status of a group of issues.

Marvis Actions

Marvis prompts you for feedback, which Mist uses internally to determine the efficacy of the action.

Marvis Actions

Latest Updates About Issues

The LATEST UPDATES section on the right of the Marvis Actions page provides a list of issues that were resolved over the past seven days. Marvis classifies the issues under one of the following states:

  • AI Validated—Lists issues (such as an AP missing a VLAN) that are no longer active. If you update the status of an issue to Resolve, Marvis verifies that the issue is resolved and classifies the issue as AI Validated. If you fix an issue but don’t update the status, Marvis detects that the issue is resolved and moves it to the Latest Updates section.

  • Resolved—Lists automated actions (such as auto upgrade, auto RMA) or manual actions (such as manual AP upgrade or manual RMA request) that completed successfully. Marvis classifies an issue as Resolved only if you trigger the action from the Actions page.

  • Reoccurring Issue—Lists resolved issues that are either still not resolved or have reoccurred. At times, Marvis might find that an issue you marked as resolved is still not resolved completely. Marvis then classifies the issue as a reoccurring issue.
Latest Updates About Issues

You can click the download (down arrow) icon next to the Latest Updates text to download the list of actions for your organization in CSV format. You can download either the complete list or the list for a specific type of failure.