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Other Troubleshooting Tips for Location Services

Use this information to troubleshoot common location accuracy issues in your Juniper Mist™ network. You'll learn what to check to determine the cause of the issues. The majority of location accuracy issues come from an incorrect access point (AP) setup. Ensure that the AP information on the floorplan of the Juniper Mist portal matches the APs in the physical deployment.

After reviewing the issues and remedies below, we highly recommend that you refer to Troubleshoot Location Services Using the RF Environment.

Potential Issue Remedy

Significantly small or large movements occur on a floorplan.

Scale. Scale the floorplan accurately. See Scale a Floorplan.


If you don’t know the actual dimensions, look for a standard door on the floorplan and scale that door to 0.91 meters (3 feet). This will get you close to the actual scale.

An unexpected jump to another area of the floorplan (also known as “teleporting”).

Placement. Confirm that the X,Y placement of the APs on the floorplan matches the physical placement of the APs in your deployment.

See Manually Place an Access Point on a Floorplan.

An inaccuracy with the client’s or asset’s location; for example, the client’s or asset’s location appears on the opposite side of the AP (also known as the location being “flipped”).

Rotation. Confirm that the AP’s LED is facing the same direction in which the green dot is facing on the floorplan.

Example: Dragging the green dot to set the AP orientation

See Manually Place an Access Point on a Floorplan.

Other unspecified issues

Height. Ceiling height of APs can also play a part in location-accuracy issues.

For any issues you may be experiencing, refer to Access Point Placement for Location Services to ensure that you have proper coverage.

If your deployment calls for installing APs outside of these guidelines, contact to consult with a sales engineer.