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Enable the vBLE Array on an Access Point

When troubleshooting location issues in your Juniper Mist™ network, check the Access Points page to see if virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE) is enabled for all access points (APs). If you see an X in the vBLE column, the vBLE array has been turned off.

Example: X in the vBLE column of the Access Points page

To enable the vBLE array on an access point:

  1. From the left menu of the Juniper Mist portal, select Access Points.
  2. Check the vBLE column to see if any APs need to have vBLE enabled.
  3. To enable vBLE for an AP:
    1. Click the AP.
    2. Under BLE Settings, select the Enable Virtual BLE Array check box.
      location of the Enable vBLE check box in the BLE settings
    3. Click Save.