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Add Proximity Zones to a Floorplan

You can create and use Proximity Zones to gather occupancy and engagement data for SDK clients, named assets, and connected and unconnected WiFi clients. Users can create individual or grouped Proximity Zones for each AP (access point). Proximity Zones triggering is based on the RSSI data received from the clients.

When creating Proximity Zones, you can create:

  • An individual Proximity Zone per AP
  • Multiple Proximity Zones per AP
  • Grouped Proximity Zones per grouped APs

After you add proximity zones to a floorplan, you can use these zones in several ways.

  • On the Occupancy Analytics page, you can monitor each zone's occupancy by selecting Client Density and Proximity Zones. Make sure to enable the Public Occupancy Dashboard in the site configuration.
  • On the Engagement Analytics page, you can analyze visitor and employee dwell times in each zone.
  • With API calls, you can capture every zone entry and exit event for client devices, assets, and SDK clients. Make sure Proximity Zones is selected as the Streaming API under Webhooks in the site configuration.
  • With your Juniper Mist™ SDK-enabled applications, you can trigger alerts when people enter and exit high-security zones.

To add proximity zones to a floorplan:

  1. From the left menu of the Juniper Mist portal, select Location > Live View.
  2. Select the site and the floorplan.
  3. Click Beacons and Zones.

  4. Click Add Proximity Zone.

  5. Select the AP or group of APs that you want to be in the proximity zone.

    If you selected a group of APs, also select the Group APs into one proximity zone check box to add them all to a single proximity zone.

  6. Give the proximity zone a name.
  7. Set the RSSI threshold.
    Selecting APs and other options to create a proximity zone

    When a client reaches the indicated RSSI threshold or higher, an in_event is triggered. Similarly, if the client travels further away from the AP and the RSSI goes lower than the threshold, an out_event will occur.

  8. Click Create.

    You will see the proximity zone on the floorplan based on the information you provided.

    Example: Proximity zones on a floorplan

  9. Add other proximity zones as needed.