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API Endpoints and Global Regions

SUMMARY API endpoints vary by global region. You need to use the correct API endpoint for the region that your Juniper Mist organization is associated with.

Determine Your API Endpoint

You can determine the correct API endpoint URL for your organization by looking in the address bar of the Juniper Mist portal.

  1. Log in to the Juniper Mist portal.
  2. In the address bar, notice the first part of the URL, starting with the word manage and ending with com.


    Your API endpoint is similar but starts with api instead of manage.

    In the above example, the resulting API endpoint URL is


    The portal URL also contains your organization ID. In the URL, the organization ID section starts with these characters: org_id=

List of API Endpoint URLs

Table 1: Endpoints by Global Region
Global 01 Global 02 Global 03 Global 04 Europe 01