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Information Needed for Installation

Before you install Juniper Alert Format Relay, gather this information.

  • Virtual Machine Details

    • Login credentials for SSH access

    • Root user credentials

    • Hostnames

  • IP and Ports Details

    • Private IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway of the VMs

    • Private port number

    • Virtual IP address for Juniper Mist Alert Format Relay

    • Public IP address/FQDN

    • Public port number

    • CA Certificate (optional)

    • NTP server IP address

    • DNS IP address

  • Juniper Mist Details

    • Organization ID

    • API Token – read only. Access Level: Helpdesk (Helpdesk monitoring and workflow for selected sites)

    • Juniper Mist cloud instance (Global01/Global02/Global03/Global04/Europe01)

    • Juniper Mist API end point. (for example,

  • Monitoring System

    • SNMP manager or network monitoring tool IP address

    • SNMP port number

    • SNMPv3 engine ID

    • SNMPv3 username

    • SNMPv3 authentication key

    • SNMPv3 private key

    • SYSLOG server IP address

    • SYSLOG protocol – TCP/UDP

    • SYSLOG port number