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Activate Juniper ATP Appliance Licenses

This topic describes how to obtain the appropriate license keys and software required for your Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance.

  1. Create a user account.

    To download your software, you need an approved user account with Juniper Networks. If you do not already have one, you can create an account through the User Registration Portal.

    Note: Compliance approval typically takes two hours following the creation of a new Juniper User Account.

  2. Retrieve your software serial number.

    The software serial number is a unique 14-digit number that Juniper uses to identify your Juniper Networks software installation (or purchased capacity). You can find this number in the Software Serial Number Certificate attached to the e-mail sent when you ordered your Juniper Networks Service. Store the Software Serial Number in a safe place, as it will be needed to identify your installation when engaging Juniper for support. Note that this number is different than the license key described in Step 3.

  3. Request your license key.

    Open an admin service request (case) using our Service Request Manager on the Juniper Customer Support Center (CSC) and enter the following information to facilitate your request. You may also call Customer Care via telephone if you prefer:

    • Subject Line: Juniper ATPA Software License Request

    • Description:

      • Sales order number

      • Software product SKU

      • UUID (for assistance finding your UUID, see\kb32301)

      • Serial Number/SSRN (enter the software serial number provided in your license fulfillment e-mail). If available, please attach the software serial number certificate (PDF) to the admin service request.

        Once your service request is processed, your license key will be sent to you.

  4. Download your software.

    If you need to download your software, you can find it on the Juniper Software Downloads page. You will need to sign in with your Juniper user account and provide your Software Serial Number.

    Note: If you receive an account privileges error, please contact Customer Care to have your account upgraded. Be prepared to provide your Software Serial Number as proof of purchase.

  5. Install your software.

    Install your software according to the instructions in the software documentation at JATP400 Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance and JATP700 Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance. Make sure to enter the license key as instructed during installation.

Need Help?

For additional assistance, you may contact Juniper Networks by opening a case online through the Juniper Customer Support Center (CSC) Service Request Manager.