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Juniper Agile License Management

Juniper Agile License Management

Table 1 lists licensing tasks and links to procedures where you can perform those tasks. Complex tasks require you to use both the Juniper Agile Licensing portal (or Support page) and a user interface to the device.

Table 1: Licensing Tasks Used to Manage Your Licenses

Licensing Task


View entitlements, activate products to generate licenses, and mail or download licenses.

(Juniper Agile Licensing Portal or Support page)

Manage Product Licenses (select product to launch Juniper Agile Licensing Portal or Support page)

Enable network mode for Agile Licensing

Junos Configuration for Enabling Network License Mode

Install license keys on a device.

Adding a License

Delete license keys on a device.

Deleting a License

Licensing Models

Juniper Agile Licensing supports two models described in Table 2.

Table 2: Juniper Agile Licensing Models

Licensing Model



Prepaid, term-based licenses that enable the right to use for a fixed duration. At the end of the subscription period, customers must renew the subscription or the license is deemed out of compliance.


Prepaid licenses that are activated in perpetuity for the life of the product or device.

Juniper Agile Licensing supports the license types described in Table 3. Unless otherwise stated, license types apply to Juniper Networks customers and potential customers.

Table 3: Types of Juniper Agile Licenses

License Type




Use in a production environment

Perpetual: In perpetuity

Subscription: 1 or 3 years


Marketing of Juniper Networks products

90 days