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Juniper Agile Licensing Overview

SUMMARY Learn about Juniper Agile Licensing, an improved license management system to activate, install, manage, and monitor licenses on Juniper Networks devices in a network.

Juniper Agile Licensing Overview

Benefits of Juniper Agile Licensing

  • Provides an intuitive user experience and simplified operational processes.

  • Provides seamless lifecycle management of licenses.

  • Offers flexible license administration and deployment.

  • Enables monitoring of software usage through centralized administrator and reporting.

  • Allows users to proactively adjust usage based on real-time reporting.

  • Provides consistent license management workflow for all Juniper products.

Understand Juniper Agile Licensing

Juniper Networks introduced the Juniper Agile Licensing solution to provide an efficient way for customers and partners to manage licenses for hardware and software features. To use a licensed feature, you need to purchase and activate a license that corresponds to that feature and deploy that license so that it can be utilized by the software during normal operation. You can administer and manage the licenses through the Juniper Agile Licensing Portal. The portal provides an intuitive task-based user interface that provides full lifecycle management of licenses.

Juniper Agile Licensing ensures that features are used in compliance with Juniper's End User License Agreement. There are currently two main modes for deploying licenses:

  • Standalone mode allows you to activate a license on a single hardware device or software instance. Such a license can only be used by the instance on which it is activated. Sharing a license with multiple instances is not permissible.

  • Network mode provides a centralized system for deploying licenses to a network of devices or software instances. The Juniper Agile License Manager software runs on your network and provides a local repository of licenses that are dynamically consumed by devices as required. License Manager also monitors license usage and can synchronize that usage data with Juniper to enable enhanced monitoring and compliance reporting.

Support for each deployment mode varies by product. Both deployment modes enable efficient management of both subscription and perpetual licenses and may enable combinations of features and capacity depending on the specific license purchased.

Components of Juniper Agile Licensing

Figure 1 shows the architecture of Juniper Agile Licensing.

Figure 1: Juniper Agile Licensing WorkflowJuniper Agile Licensing Workflow
  1. Juniper Agile Licensing Portal

    The Juniper Agile Licensing Portal provides the features shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Juniper Agile Licensing Portal FeaturesJuniper Agile Licensing Portal Features

    You use the Juniper Agile Licensing Portal to activate and deliver the required license keys for products you have purchased. Depending on the type of license, the fulfillment e-mail you receive from Juniper after purchase of a license indicates whether your device can be used without installing license keys. If you need to install license keys, you can view and activate the purchased entitlements in the Agile Licensing Portal.


    In some cases, the fulfillment e-mail might include a license key, in which case it is not necessary to manage the entitlement through the Agile Licensing Portal.

  2. Juniper Entitlement Management System

    The Juniper Agile Entitlement Management System is a repository of all your entitlements. It simplifies the licensing life cycle by providing a centralized license management interface that you can access using the Agile Licensing Portal.

  3. Juniper Agile License Manager

    The Agile License Manager is a software application that runs on your network and provides a local repository of licenses that are dynamically consumed by devices as required. License Manager also monitors license usage and can synchronize that usage data with Juniper to enable enhanced monitoring and compliance reporting.


    Redundancy is not used if only one Agile License Manager is configured. The configured Agile License Manager is the leader for the operations. Redundancy is enabled if more than one Agile License Manager is configured. One Agile License Manager act as a leader and all the other Agile License Managers acts as followers for all operations.

    Juniper Agile License Manager CLI

    You can start and stop the Juniper Agile License Manager through the CLI. You can also access additional administrative functions through the CLI.

Juniper Agile Licensing Workflow for Procuring and Managing Licenses

Procuring and Managing Licenses

For procuring and managing licenses, Juniper Agile Licensing comprises the following phases:

The phases of the licensing life cycle are shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Licensing PhasesLicensing Phases

Download, install, and configure Agile License Managers (including redundancy)

You can download Juniper Agile License Manager software from Juniper’s Software Download Web site. Install the Agile License Manager software on a physical server or virtual machine on your network, and establish a connection to the Agile Entitlement Management System through the public cloud. This connection is highly secure and requires only a single outgoing HTTPS port to be enabled. After installing the Agile License Manager software, configure individual Agile License Managers and Agile License Manager Redundancy Group (for redundancy) through the Agile Licensing Portal.

Log in to the Agile Licensing Portal to create a redundancy server group, download the fingerprint identity file, and associate the created redundancy server group with entitlements.

Configure Network Devices to Use Agile License Managers

Juniper devices and software applications dynamically obtain active license tokens from Agile License Managers. Configure the devices and software applications to communicate with the Agile License Managers within their network and to obtain the active license tokens.

Purchase Licenses from Juniper Networks

Licenses to use Juniper software are purchased through Juniper’s standard sales order process. After meeting with your Sales Representative or Juniper Partner, submit a sales order to Juniper. License sales order lines will send you an e-mail that includes your activation code and Software Support Reference Number (SSRN) relating to your entitlements. The system creates entitlements associated with your user account (e-mail ID) that you can subsequently manage through the Juniper Agile Licensing Portal.

Depending on the type of license, access the Agile Licensing Portal to activate license keys or send the keys by e-mail to yourself.


Keep a record of your SSRN, which is used as a proof of purchase and for support entitlement purposes.

Manage Entitlements using the Agile Licensing Portal

You use the information from the fulfillment e-mail to activate your entitlements. This process generates software license activation keys (license keys) that you can install on devices directly, or automatically synchronize to previously installed Agile License Managers.


Some software licenses can be only activated, and do not generate or require a license activation key to be installed on the device. Refer to the fulfillment e-mail that you receive after purchase for this information.