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Software Licenses for Paragon Automation

Paragon Automation supports subscription licenses.

Go through the following tables:

Table 1: Paragon Automation SKU Definition


SKU Character Description






PA—Paragon Automation

PLATFORM—On-Premises platform

BASE/ORCH/ASSR—Base, Orchestration, or Assurance

LAB—Lab for non-production

100/400—License capacity 100 Gbps or 400 Gbps

1/3/5—Subscription term 1, 3 or 5 years

Table 2: Paragon Automation Software Licenses

Features with Licenses

Paragon Automation

Service Orchestration
Customizable service designs Service Orchestration
Customer management Service Orchestration
Service management Service Orchestration
Order management Service Orchestration
Resource management Service Orchestration
Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN model Service Orchestration
Assurance part of workflows Service Orchestration
Active Assurance
Test and monitors Active Assurance
Test agents (list and drill-in) Active Assurance
Results (list and drill—in) Active Assurance
Template builder Active Assurance
Alerts Active Assurance
Test agent on ACX and as a container Active Assurance
Dashboard Active Assurance
RPM support Active Assurance
Test agent appliance Active Assurance
Trust score Trust
Compliance Trust
Vulnerability – SIRT Trust
Integrity – Software EOL Trust
Integrity – Hardware EOL Trust
Up to 71 KPIs monitored Observability
Graphing and drill-in Observability

AI or ML (dynamic thresholding, device health, and bad cable detection)

Alert Observability
Notification (webhook and email) Observability
Inventory management Device Management
Intent based LCM Device Management
Software management Device Management
Configuration management Device Management
Backup and restore Device Management
License management Device Management
Alarms Device Management
Onboarding workflow Device Onboarding
Intent plans Device Onboarding
Device profiles Device Onboarding
Interface profiles Device Onboarding
Guided workflow for field technician Device Onboarding
Configuration, device, and network Device Onboarding
Assurance (Trust, Active Assurance tests, and device health) Device Onboarding
Table 3: Paragon Automation License SKUs
Paragon Automation SKUs

On-premises platform license




Service Orchestration S-PA-ORCH-100/400-S-1/3/5
Active Assurance S-PA-ASSR-100/400-S-1/3/5
Lab S-PA-LAB-S-1