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IPS Signatures Settings

You are here: Device Administration > Security Package Management

You can configure a proxy server to download and install security package. You can also schedule an automatic installation of security packages for a later date and time.

To configure the security package installation settings:

  1. Click the Settings icon available at the upper-right corner of the Latest IPS Signature Package table.
    The Settings page appears.
  2. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  3. Click OK.
    The security package will automatically install in the scheduled interval. The installation status is shown in the Status column of the Installed IPS Signature Package table.
Table 1: Fields on the Settings Page
Field Action

Security Package URL

Displays the URL from where the security package is downloaded. Default URL is

Routing Instance

Select a routing instance from the list to reach the proxy server.

To create a new routing instance, click Create New. For more information on the fields, see Add a Routing Instance.

Proxy profile

This is optional. Select a proxy profile from the list. The proxy profile acts as a proxy server to download the security package.

To create a new proxy profile, click Create New. For more information on the fields, see Add a Proxy Profile.

Schedule Install


Enable the option to schedule automatic download and installation of security package at a specific date, time, and interval.


The package also includes application signatures. If you've set up a separate schedule for installing application signatures, then this schedule will take precedence.

Start Time

Select a time to start automatic download and to install the updated security package from the specified URL.

Format: YYYY-MM-DD.hh:mm (24 hours).


Amount of time (in hours) that the device waits before updating the security package.

Range: 1 through 336