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Monitor System

You are here: Monitor > Logs > System.


Starting in Junos OS Release 23.2R1, J-Web supports new System sub-menu under Monitor menu. This sub-menu is not supported for SRX300 line of Firewalls and SRX550HM Firewall.

Use this page to view information about system events such as routine operations, failure and error conditions, and emergency or critical conditions.

Table 1 describes the fields on the System page.

Table 1: Fields on the System Page



Show logs of file

Select the system log file name to view logs.


You cannot configure system log message file options using J-Web. To configure the device to log system messages, use the CLI configuration: set sytem syslog.


Select the time from the list to view the activity that you are most interested in. Once you select the time, all the data presented in your view refreshes automatically.

You can also use Customize to set a custom date and click Apply to view the specified system log.

By default, grid will show last one hour data from selected syslog file.


Click the refresh icon to get the latest system logs information.

Filter Criteria

In the filter text box, when you hover over the icon, it displays an example filter condition. When you start entering the search string, the icon indicates whether the filter string is valid or not.


Only =(equal to) operator is supported in the filter queries.

The following filters are available:

  • Event

  • Message

Click X to clear the search entries.


Displays the date and time when the log was received.


Displays the name of the event for the log.


Displays the message for the log.

Process Displays the process which generates the log. By default, this option is hidden.

Detailed View

When you hover over the selected system log file, a Detailed View icon appears before the system log file. Click the icon to view the log details on the System Log Details page.