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About the Compliance Page

You are here: Network > VPN > Compliance.


Starting in Junos OS Release 23.2R1, J-Web supports new Compliance sub-menu under Network menu. This sub-menu is not supported for SRX300 line of Firewalls and SRX550HM Firewall.

Create compliance rules for users in the SRX Series Firewall to validate application version, OS version, hostname, domain, workgroup, and action. When a user initiates a connection, the SRX Series Firewall validates the request using the compliance rules. Once validated, the Juniper Secure Connect application connects to the SRX Series Firewall through a VPN tunnel to gain access to the networks protected resources.

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Click More available on the upper-right corner of the Compliance page or right-click on the compliance rule to do the following:

    • Move term up and down.

    • Create pre-logon compliance term.

    • Create pre-logon compliance term before and after.

    • View the details of a pre-logon compliance rule. To do this, select an existing rule and follow the available options:

      • Click More and select Detailed View.

      • Right-click on the selected rule and select Detailed View.

  • Create pre-logon compliance. See Create Pre-Logon Compliance.

  • Edit pre-logon compliance. See Edit Pre-Logon Compliance.

  • Delete pre-logon compliance. See Delete Pre-Logon Compliance.

  • Show or hide columns in the Compliance table. To do this, use the Show Hide Columns icon in the upper-right corner of the page and select the options you want to show or deselect to hide options on the page.

  • Advanced search for compliance rule. To do this, use the search text box present above the table grid. The search includes the logical operators as part of the filter string. An example filter condition is displayed in the search text box when you hover over the Search icon. When you start entering the search string, the icon indicates whether the filter string is valid or not.

    For an advanced search:

    1. Enter the search string in the text box.

      Based on your input, a list of items from the filter context menu appears.

    2. Select a value from the list and then select a valid operator based on which you want to perform the advanced search operation.


      Press Spacebar to add an AND operator or OR operator to the search string. Press backspace to delete a character of the search string.

    3. Press Enter to display the search results in the grid.

      Click X to clear the search entries.

Table 1 provides the details of the fields on the Compliance page.

Table 1: Fields on the Compliance page
Field Description


Displays the pre-logon compliance rule name.


Displays the number of pre-logon compliance rule terms created.

Secure connect

Displays the client's secure connect version.

Operation system

Displays the client's operating system version.

Device IDs

Displays user device ID.


Displays hostnames defined in the compliance rule term.


Displays domain names defined in the compliance rule term.


Displays workgroups defined in the compliance rule term.


Displays the action defined in the compliance rule term.