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Edit CLI Configuration

About CLI Editor Page

You are here: Device Administration > Tools > CLI Editor.

You can configure all routing platform services that you can configure from the Junos CLI prompt.

To edit the CLI configuration:

  1. Navigate to the hierarchy level you want to edit. Edit the candidate configuration using standard text editor operations—insert lines (with the Enter key), delete lines, modify, copy, and paste text.

  2. Click Commit to load and commit the configuration. This saves the edited configuration, which replaces the existing configuration. The device checks the configuration for the correct syntax before committing it. If any errors occur when the configuration is loading or committed, they are displayed and the previous configuration is restored.

  3. Click one:

    • OK—Saves the configuration and returns to the CLI Editor page.

    • Commit Options>Commit—Commits the configuration and returns to the CLI Editor page.

    • Cancel—Cancels your entries and returns to the CLI Editor page.


    When you edit the ASCII configuration file, you can add comments of one or more lines. Comments must precede the statement they are associated with. If you place the comments in other places in the file, such as on the same line after a statement or on a separate line following a statement, they are removed when you click Commit. Comments must begin and end with special characters. For more information, see the Junos OS CLI User Guide.