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Add a Virtual Channel

You are here: Network > Class of Service(CoS) > Virtual Channel Groups.


This menu is not available for SRX4000 line of devices and SRX5000 line of devices.

To add a virtual channel to the virtual channel group:

  1. Click Add on the Virtual Channel page.

    The Virtual Channel Information page appears.

  2. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  3. Click OK to save the changes. If you want to discard your changes, click Cancel.
Table 1: Fields on the Virtual Channel Information Page



Virtual Channel Name

Select a predefined name from the list or enter a new virtual channel name.

Scheduler Map

Select a scheduler map from the list.

Specifies a predefined scheduler map to assign to a virtual channel. The scheduler maps associate schedulers with forwarding classes.

Shaping Rate

Enter the shaping rate for a virtual channel.

Configuring a shaping rate is optional. If no shaping rate is configured, a virtual channel without a shaper can use the full logical interface bandwidth. The options available are:

Select an option from the list:

  • Unconfigured—Select the option for no shaping rate.

  • Absolute Rate—Configures a shaping rate as an absolute number of bits per second.

    Range: 3200 through 320000000000.

  • Percent—Configures a shaping rate as a percentage.

    Range: 0 through 100.