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About the NAT Pools Page

You are here: Network > NAT > Pools.

A NAT pool is a set of IP addresses that you can define and use for translation. NAT policies perform address translation by translating internal IP addresses to the addresses in these pools. Unlike static NAT, where there is a one-to-one mapping that includes destination IP address translation in one direction and source IP address translation in the reverse direction, with source NAT, you translate the original source IP address to an IP address in the address pool. With destination NAT, you translate the original destination address to an IP address in the address pool.

Use this page to configure source and destination NAT pools.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

Field Descriptions

Table 1 describes the fields on the NAT Pools Page.

Table 1: Fields on the NAT Pools Page.



Pool Name

Displays the NAT pool name.

Pool Type

Displays whether the NAT pool is either source or destination.

Pool Address

Displays the NAT pool address.

Proxy ARP/ND

Displays the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) proxy or Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) proxy for the NAT pool.


Displays the description for the NAT pool.