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Monitor DHCP Server Bindings

You are here: Monitor > Network > DHCP Server Bindings.

Use this page to view information about dynamic and static DHCP leases, conflicts, pools, and statistics.

Table 1 describes the fields on the DHCP Server Bindings page.

Table 1: Fields on the DHCP Server Bindings Page



Routing Instance

Select the routing instance name.

DHCP Interface Details

Displays the interface on which the DHCP server is configured.


Clears all or selected binding information.

Client IP Address

Displays the IP address of the DHCP client.

MAC Address

Displays the MAC address of the DHCP server.


State of the address binding table on the extended DHCP local server:

  • BOUND—Client has an active IP address lease.

  • FORCE RENEW—Client has received the FORCE RENEW message from the server.

  • INIT—Initial state.

  • RELEASE—Client is releasing the IP address lease.

  • RENEWING—Client is sending a request to renew the IP address lease.

  • REQUESTING—Client is requesting a DHCP server.

  • SELECTING—Client is receiving offers from DHCP servers.

Lease Time Remaining

Displays the time (in hours and minutes) at which the lease expires.

DHCP Interface

Displays the interface on which the request was received.

Session ID

Displays the Session ID of the subscriber session.