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Enroll a CA Certificate

You are here: Device Administration > Certificate Management > Trusted Certificate Authority.

To enroll a trusted CA certificate:

  1. Click Enroll.

    The Enroll CA Certificate page appears.

  2. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  3. Click OK to enroll the CA certificate.
Table 1: Fields on the Enroll CA Certificate Page



CA Profile Name

Select a CA profile name from the list that you want to enroll.


Select a protocol from the list for the CA certificate that you want to enroll.

  • SCEP—Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)

  • CMPV2—Certificate Management Protocol version 2 (CMPv2)


The following fields are available only if you select CMPv2 protocol. All the fields are mandatory.

CA Secret

Enter the out-of-band secret value received from the CA server.

CA Reference

Enter the out-of-band reference value received from the CA server.


Enter the distinguished name (DN) of the CA enrolling the EE certificate.


This optional parameter is mandatory if the CA certificate is not already enrolled. If the CA certificate is already enrolled, the subject DN is extracted from the CA certificate.

Certificate Details

Click Add to generate a new certificate inline.