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Import Snort Rules

Snort is an open-source intrusion prevention system (IPS) and help detect malicious attacks. You can convert the Snort IPS rules into Juniper IPS custom attack signatures using the Juniper Integration of Snort Tool (JIST). By default, Junos OS includes the JIST. The tool supports Snort version 2 and version 3 rules.

To import the Snort rules:

  1. Click the CUSTOM tab on the IPS Signatures page.
  2. Click Import Snort Rules at the top-right of the Custom Signatures page.

    This option is only available if you have selected Custom Attacks in the View by list.

    The Import Snort Rules page appears.
  3. Click Browse and select the file to upload the Snort rules file and click OK.

    The supported file formats are: .rules, .txt, .set, and .srt

    The Custom Signatures page lists the converted custom attack signatures. The unconverted rules and error log files are downloaded automatically.