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Monitor Alarms

You are here: Monitor > Logs > Alarms.

Use this page to view the alarms details such as time, severity, type, and descriptions of the alarm.

Table 1 describes the fields on the Alarms page.

Table 1: Fields on the Alarms Page



Show Hide Columns icon

Enables you to show or hide a column in the grid.

Filter Criteria

Enter or select the criteria or parameter on which you want to construct the filter statement.

  • Type—Type of alarm: System, Chassis, or All.

  • Severity—Severity class of the alarm: Minor or Major.

  • Description—Description of the alarm.

Click X to clear the search entries.


Displays the date and time that the alarm was registered.


Specifies the type of alarm to monitor:

  • System—System alarms include FRU detection alarms (power supplies removed, for instance).

  • Chassis—Chassis alarms indicate environmental alarms such as temperature.

  • All—Indicates to display all the types of alarms.


Specifies the alarm severity that you want to monitor

  • Major—A major (red) alarm condition requires immediate action.

  • Minor—A minor (yellow) condition requires monitoring and maintenance.

  • All—Indicates to display all the severities.


Displays the brief synopsis of the alarms you want to monitor.