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Add a Dynamic VPN

You are here: Network > VPN > Dynamic VPN.

To add a dynamic VPN:

  1. Click the add icon (+) on the upper right side of the Dynamic VPN page.

    The Add DVPN page appears.

  2. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  3. Click OK to save the changes. If you want to discard your changes, click Cancel.
Table 1: Fields on the DVPN Page




Enter the name of the client configuration.


Select a previously configured IKE AutoKey configuration from the list to use when establishing the VPN tunnel.

Access Users

Local Users in Profile

Specifies the list of users who can use this client configuration.

Select the users and click on the arrow button to move to copy to DVPN.


The server does not validate the names that you enter here, but the names must be the names that the users use to log in to the device when downloading the client.

Users in DVPN

Specifies the list of users copied from the local users in profile or the newly added users.


Enter a username.


Enter a password for the username.


Enter an IP address for the user.


Click + and select Add to DVPN or Add to Both to add the user to either in Users in DVPN or to both DVPN and Local Users in Profile.

Remote Protected Resources

Enter an IP address and net mask and click +. Specifies the IP address and net mask of a resource behind the firewall. Traffic to the specified resource will go through the VPN tunnel and therefore will be protected by the firewall’s security policies.


The device does not validate that the IP/net mask combination that you enter here matches up with your security policies.

Remote Exceptions

Enter an IP address and net mask and click +. Specifies the IP address and net mask of exceptions to the remote protected resources list.