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Using the J-Web CLI Terminal


This topic applies only to the J-Web Application package.

The J-Web CLI terminal provides access to the Junos OS command-line interface (CLI) through the J-Web interface. The functionality and behavior of the CLI available through the CLI Terminal page is the same as that of the Junos OS CLI available through the switch console. The CLI terminal supports all CLI commands and other features such as CLI help and autocompletion. Using the CLI terminal page, you can fully configure, monitor, and manage the switch.

This topic covers:

Configuring the Web Browser

Configure your Web browser as follows:

  • Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4 or later on your system. JRE is a software package that must be installed on the client system to run Java applications. You can download the latest version of JRE from the Java software website Installing JRE installs Java plug-ins, which once installed, load automatically and transparently to render Java applets.


    By default Mozilla Firefox has blocked JRE versions earlier than 1.6.0_31 and 1.7.0 through 1.7.0_2. However, Mozilla Firefox users can still click Add-ons > Plugin to enable Java.

  • Set your browser to support and enable Java applets. To know more about checking the status of java applets in your browser see

Setting Domain Name, Hostname, and Name Server

Configure the domain name and hostname of the switch on your system. Ensure that the DNS server setting is correct. DNS name resolution must happen properly. Ensure that there is connectivity between the client and the management device.

You can set the domain name, hostname, and the DNS name server either through the J-Web interface or the CLI:

Enabling SSH on your system

SSH provides a secure method of logging in to the switch, and encrypting traffic so that it is not intercepted. If SSH is not enabled on the system, the CLI terminal page displays the error message:

To enable SSH on your system, do the following:

set system services ssh

Sample Configuration on an EX Series Switch

  1. Type the configure command to enter the configuration mode:

    user@switch> configure

  2. Log in as host:

    user@switch# set system host-name host

  3. Configure the encrypted password; for example:

    user@switch# set system root-authentication encrypted-password "$1$mr3D4eVf$mc7y54e6hk4JuIpwWPao6."

  4. Map the hostname to the IP address:

    user@switch# set system static-host-mapping host inet

  5. Configure the IP address for the DNS server:

    user@switch# set system name-server

  6. Enable the system services by using:

    set system services:user@switch# set system services ssh

  7. Select Troubleshoot > CLI Terminal. The password window is displayed.
  8. Enter the password, and click OK. The CLI Terminal window appears on the J-Web page.

If you exit from the CLI terminal, the connection is lost. Click CLI Terminal if you want to connect again.