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Monitoring Ethernet Switching on EX Series Switches (J-Web)



This topic applies only to the J-Web Application package.

Use the monitoring feature to view details that the EX Series switch maintains in its Ethernet switching table. These are details about the nodes on the LAN, such as VLAN name, VLAN ID, member interfaces, MAC addresses, and so on.


To display Ethernet switching details in the J-Web interface, select Monitor > Switching > Ethernet Switching.

To view Ethernet switching details in the CLI, enter the following commands:

  • show ethernet-switching table

  • show vlans

  • show ethernet-switching interfaces


Table 1 summarizes the Ethernet switching output fields.

Table 1: Ethernet Switching Output Fields



Ethernet Switching Table Information or MAC Table Summary

MAC Table Count

The number of entries added to the Ethernet switching table.

MAC Table Learned

The number of dynamically learned MAC addresses in the Ethernet switching table.

Ethernet Switching Table Information or MAC Table Information


The VLAN name.

MAC Address

The MAC address associated with the VLAN. If a VLAN range has been configured for a VLAN, the output displays the MAC addresses for the entire series of VLANs that were created with that name.


The type of MAC address. Values are:

  • static—The MAC address is manually created.

  • learn—The MAC address is learned dynamically from a packet's source MAC address.

  • flood—The MAC address is unknown and flooded to all members.


The time remaining before the entry ages out and is removed from the Ethernet switching table.


The associated interfaces.

MAC Learning Log or Interface Information


The VLAN name.

MAC Address

The learned MAC address associated with the VLAN ID.

MAC Limit

Maximum number of MAC addresses.


Time at which the MAC address was added or deleted from the MAC learning log.


Operating state of the interface. Values are Up or Down.