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Test Objectives

The primary objective of this JVDE testing is the qualification testing of the 3-Stage Data Center Reference Design with Juniper Apstra and VMware NSX-T. The design is based on an ERB (Type 2 and Type 5) EVPN/VXLAN fabric with spine, server leaf, border leaf, and NSX-T Edge Gateway devices.

In the same way that server virtualization programmatically creates and manages virtual machines, NSX-T Data Center network virtualization programmatically creates and manages virtual networks. NSX-T Data Center works by implementing three separate but integrated planes: management, control, and data. These planes are implemented as a set of processes, modules, and agents residing on two types of nodes: NSX Manager and transport nodes.

The Juniper data center fabric is viewed as an external network, which is defined as a physical network or VLAN not managed by NSX-T Data Center. The NSX logical network or overlay network can be linked to an external network through a Tier-0 router or NSX Edge.

The goal is to ensure the design is well-documented and will produce a reliable, predictable deployment for the customer.

The qualification objectives include validation of blueprint deployment, device upgrade, incremental config pushes/provisioning, telemetry and analytics checking, failure mode analysis, and verification of host traffic.

Test Goals

This JVDE for integration of NSX-T with 3-Stage Fabric using Juniper Apstra focuses on the following:

  • Design and deployment of NSX-T and vSphere components such as NSX-T Edge Node, ESXi servers, VDS switch, and port groups.
  • Configuring NSX-Manager with Edge Nodes, Transport Nodes, Tier-0 and Tier-1 gateways.
  • Connectivity with fabric border leaf switches using loopback and links.
  • Apstra configuration for connectivity NSX-Edge Nodes, using Virtual Networks, Routing-Zone (VRF), connectivity templates for IP link, BGP, and static routes
  • Validation of end-to-end traffic flow
  • Test for any anomalies, view the VM, ARP, and MAC collection from Juniper Apstra.

In order to pass validation, the 3-stage Fabric with Juniper Apstra and NSX-T integration must also pass the following scenarios:

Test Non-Goals

Test non-goals for this JVD were to test the following:

  • Establish fabric connectivity
  • Deployment and configuration of the fabric.
  • DCI Interconnectivity between data centers