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Solution Benefits

Juniper Validated Designs (JVDs) are network building blocks that help you successfully architect, deploy, manage, and integrate data center technologies according to best practices. Adopting validated designs allows you to address technical debt by deploying well-characterized architectures that simplify support.

The Collapsed Data Center Fabric with Juniper Astra JVD is designed for scenarios where a 3-stage data center network would be an unreasonably large investment. Collapsed fabric use cases include:

  • Remote sites and branch office data center networks
  • Extend current L2 domains to remote sites through EVPN
  • Single-rack pods within a larger data center
  • Deployments where low budget, space, or power constraints are a primary consideration
  • Small data center networks needing high availability

Juniper Validated Design Benefits

JVDs are a prescriptive blueprint for building a data center fabric with well-documented capabilities and appropriate product selection. JVDs must pass rigorous testing with real-world workloads to achieve validation, verifying that all products in the Building Blocks JVD work together as expected and mitigating the risk faced while deploying a network. The core benefits of JVDs are:

  • Repeatability—Unlock value with repeatable network designs. Because JVDs are prescriptive designs used by multiple customers all JVD customers benefit from lessons learned through both lab testing and real world deployments.
  • Reliability—Layered testing with real traffic. JVDs are quantified and integrated best practice designs, based on carefully chosen hardware platforms and software versions, and tested with real world traffic.
  • Accelerated Deployment—Ease installation with step-by-step guidance. Simplify deployment with guidance, automation, and prebuilt integrations.
  • Accelerated Decision-Making—Leave behind costly bespoke networks. Bridge business and technology in designs that meet the needs of most customers and consider how features behave and operate in real-world applications and conditions.
  • Best Practice Networks—Better outcomes for a better experience. JVDs have known characteristics and performance profiles to help you make informed decisions about your network.

Juniper Apstra

Apstra is a multi-vendor, intent-based network fabric management solution that provides closed-loop automation and assurance. Apstra translates business intent and technical objectives to essential policy and device-specific configuration. Apstra continuously self-validates and resolves issues to assure compliance. The core benefits of Apstra are:

  • Intent-based networking—Automates configuration generation and continuously validates operating state versus intent.
  • Network Automation—Apstra is a multi-vendor network automation platform that is continuously updated to work with the latest hardware and exhaustively tested using modern DevOps practices.
  • Recoverability—Built-in rollback capability restores known-working configuration in a fraction of the time
  • Day 2+ Management—Apstra’s rich analytics capabilities reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).
  • Simplicity—Apstra simplifies network management. For example, by reducing the complexity of Data Center Interconnection (DCI), making it easy to unify multiple data centers while isolating failure domains for high availability and resilience