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Solution Benefits and Overview

When building any Juniper Campus Fabric, you must always plan for the integration of a WAN router since we do not assume deployment in an air-gapped environment. You must be able to have the fabric connected to the Internet. Therefore, WAN router integration is a mandatory part of the fabric installation procedure.

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There are multiple ways to integrate a WAN router depending on the function it performs and if it just should be a standalone or a redundant design for a classical router or a stateful firewall.

For a lab design, you can choose to use a Juniper MX Series router or SRX Series Firewall or any third-party router or firewall. Just attach the device to the two first switches of the fabric such as the service block switch, core switch or collapsed core switch.

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A more robust design intended for production grade fabrics is a to use a redundant pair of WAN routers as shown. A third-party firewall vendor must provide stateful redundancy synchronization because the fabric may be designed to use other links to forward traffic. The vendor-specific implementation is usually a pair of redundant links between the firewall devices.

Figure 1: Redundant WAN Router Fabric Design A diagram of a network Description automatically generated

It is always highly recommended to review the implementation of the WAN router as part of the Campus Fabric Rollout planning. There needs to be a creation level of feature support to make this a successful design and there are different flavours to choose. This JVD reviews the integration options and guides customer to select the appropriate method for integration.