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Resolved Issues: 21.1R1

Forwarding and Sampling

  • VLAN-ID-based firewall match conditions might not work for the VPLS service. PR1542092

General Routing

  • Memory utilization enhancement is needed. PR1481151

  • The ACX1100, ACX2100, ACX2200, ACX2000, and ACX4000 routers might stop forwarding transit and control traffic. PR1508534

  • On the ACX5448 routers, transit DHCP packets drop are observed. PR1517420

  • On the ACX500-I router, the show services session count command does not work as expected. PR1520305

  • PTP to 1PPS noise transfer test fails for frequency 1.985 Hz. PR1522666

  • Interface does not come up with the auto-negotiation setting between the ACX1100 router and the other ACX Series routers, MX Series routers, and QFX Series switches as the other end. PR1523418

  • On the ACX710 routers, PIR or CIR Hqos behaviour is inconsistent. PR1525789

  • With the ACX5448 router with 1000 CFM, the CCM state does not go in the Ok state after loading the configuration or restarting the Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1526626

  • The l2cpd process might leak memory with the aggregated Ethernet interface flap. PR1527853

  • The FEC field is not displayed when the interface is down. PR1530755

  • Unable to switch profile between G.8275.1 and G.8275.2. PR1533263

  • Upon classifying the Layer 3 packets, DSCP is not preserved and is lost at the egress due to the limitations of a chipset. PR1535876

  • The clksyncd process generates core file on Junos OS Release 20.3R1.3 image. PR1537107

  • The rpd process generates a core file at l2ckt_vc_adv_recv, l2ckt_adv_rt_flash (taskptr=0x4363b80, rtt=0x4418100, rtl=< optimized out>, data=< optimized out>, opcode=< optimized out>) at ../../../../../../../../../src/junos/usr.sbin/rpd/l2vpn/l2ckt.c:7982. PR1537546

  • Management Ethernet link down alarm is seen while verifying the system alarms in a Virtual Chassis setup. PR1538674

  • On the ACX5448 router, the BGPV6LU traffic drop is observed when the node is deployed in ingress. PR1538819

  • On the ACX5448 router, unexpected behavior of the show chassis network-services command is observed. PR1538869

  • The following error message is observed while deleting the remote stream 0 0 0 0 0 0 along with feb core file at 0x00ae6484 in bcmdnx_queue_assert (queue=0xc599b60) at ../../../../../src/pfe/common/drivers/bcmdnx/bcmdnx_sdk_ukern_layer.c:


  • The announcement or synchronization interval rate range is not as expected. PR1542516

  • Synchronization Ethernet goes in the Holdover state and comes back to the Locked state when the PTP configuration is deleted. PR1546681

  • The ACX5448 router as transit for the BGP labeled unicast drops traffic. PR1547713

  • IP addresses other than IPv4 and IPv6 must not be forwarded. PR1550748

  • Multicast traffic is stopped when HQoS with multicast configurations is applied. PR1551248

  • Verifying multiple PD synchronizations with relay deletes and adds configurations. PR1554647

  • The ARP packets from the CE device are added with VLAN tag if the VLAN-ID is configured in the EVPN routing instance. PR1555679

  • On the ACX710 router, the T-BC-P switch-over performance fails beyond the standard mask and servo moves to multiple Holdover-in state, Acquiring state, and Holdover-out state. PR1556087

  • On the ACX5448 router, you cannot downgrade to Junos OS Release 18.4 code-base. PR1556377

  • On the ACX5448 router, the unicast packets from the CE devices might be forwarded by the PE devices with an additional VLAN tag if IRB is used. PR1559084

  • On the ACX5048 router, the fxpc process generates a core file on the analyzer configuration. PR1559690

  • On the ACX2100 routers, laser-output-power is observed after the interface is disabled and then rebooted. PR1560501

  • On the ACX5448 router, the following syslog message is reported every 30 seconds:


  • Expected entries are not observed while verifying the physical logical interface status with the Layer 3 traffic. PR1572211

  • The aggregated Ethernet interface might not come up with LFM configured after reboot. PR1526283

Layer 2 Features

  • On the ACX5448 routers, VPLS traffic statistics are not displayed when the show vpls statistics command is executed. PR1506981