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Configuring Graceful Routing Engine Switchover in a Virtual Chassis

In a Virtual Chassis, one member switch is assigned the master role and has the master Routing Engine. Another member switch is assigned the backup role and has the backup Routing Engine. Graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES) enables the master and backup Routing Engines in a Virtual Chassis configuration to switch from the master to backup without interruption to packet forwarding as a hitless failover solution. When you configure graceful Routing Engine switchover, the backup Routing Engine automatically synchronizes with the master Routing Engine to preserve kernel state information and the forwarding state.

To set up the Virtual Chassis configuration to use graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES):

  1. Set up a minimum of two switches in a Virtual Chassis configuration with mastership priority of 255:
  2. Set up graceful Routing Engine switchover:

Commit the configuration.


We recommend that you use the commit synchronize command to save any configuration changes that you make to a multimember Virtual Chassis.